Igrexa de San Bartolomeu - PONTEVEDRA

Built between 1696 and 1714, this Jesuit church of Baroque style follows the stylistic guidelines of that moment in Rome. The church has an extraordinary collection of altarpieces and sculptures, attributed to artists like Pedro de Mena, Gregorio Fernández, Pedro de Campo or Bieito Silveira, among others, all of them from the Santiago de Compostela and the Castilian schools of art. It is remarkable the image of the Virgen de la O, as well as the Magdalena. The building next to the church, known as Edificio Sarmiento, was the see of the school Compañía de Xesús, until its expulsion in 1767. Today, it belongs to the museum of Pontevedra. The cloister and the magnificent stairs are remarkable in this building.

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Characteristics of Religious architecture

  • Centrico Yes
  • Cobran entrada No